English Playgroup

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 Joy doubles when you share it.

Likewise, many things become easier when you realise that you are not alone with your questions and uncertainties!
With this in mind, we would like to offer English-speaking mums and their babies the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other. You also have the opportunity to speak to an English-speaking midwife.

In our beautiful course room, you can talk about your birth and breastfeeding experiences, the first time in the puerperium, the (sleepless) nights and all the things that are currently on your mind in a cosy atmosphere. Mothers who are bottle-feeding are of course also very welcome in our playgroup.

Many english speaking women use this time towards the end of the postpartum period to take part in public life again and make new contacts, as many of them have family living further away and no friends who have just had a baby. In the playgroup, we often experience close friendships and meetings that last far beyond the end of the course. Some courses then come back with the second child and enjoy the time together again.

One-to-one discussion with the english speaking midwife

In addition to your joint exchange in the playgroup, you will have the opportunity to have a one-to-one discussion with the midwife leading the course to discuss individual questions, which we will invoice to your health insurance company as part of your postnatal care.

When does the course take place?

The course takes place on 4 consecutive dates on fridays between 10:15-12:15 in a closed group, registration is required.

This playgroup is for babies up to 6 month.