Midwife- Care

Unser Hebammen-Team

If we come to your family for midwife care we will:

  • support you during pregnancy (we also do medical check ups in close collaboration with your gynaecologist)
  • help you with typical complaints during pregnancy
  • make appointments for birth preparation
  • give prenatal an postnatal classes –> English Playgroup
  • inform you about the hospitals in Bonn
  • give instructions for the infant care
  • give support to begin a successful time of breastfeeding as well as formula-feeding
  • be your contact person in phases of uneasy development of the baby and support you and establish a good parent-child-relationship
  • monitor the physiological changes of uterus and breast and keep track of your and your babies health

The legal health insurance companies bear the cost for the attendance of a midwife